Gallery of Artwork

All paintings are sold as originals and are neither copies nor lithographs.
Please contact the artist directly regarding any sales or purchasing questions.

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"Abundance", watercolor,  16" x 20",  double blue mat, white frame $250 SOLD - "Acrylic Daisies" To Adrienne Linnell "Ardnas in France", watercolor,  16" x 20", double white mat,  $155 "Asked to be painted", in Maegan and Richard Carpenter's  home. SOLD - "Boat" to Brian Rother for Sue (k.w.) "Bouquet in Vase",  DONATED TO THE BARRETT ART CENTER IN POUGHKEEPSE , FOR THEIR 100 - 100 FUND RAISER
SOLD - to Gloria Leo "Collaging", mixed media,  16" x 20", double mat, outer white, inner black,  $155 SOLD - "Crazytime" - to Carl Funke, Jr., and Candy "Eze",  oil,    NFS Gifted - "French shops", to Tatiana and Gary Fleishman Gifted, Fruit for sale,, to Helaine Balsam
"Garden Palms",  watercolor,In THE COLLECTION OF Thomas and Nadia Sunshine. SOLD  "Hangover" to Robert and Donna Veiga from ft. wayne, Ind. - in Key West "SOLD - "c'mon in" to DorothyHughes "Kowloon", watercolor, 12" x 16", double white mat,  $90 SOLD - "Loose", to Lucy Sardell, Joan Heitner's friend, from NYC "Maui", acrylic, 18" x 24", wood frame, $350
SOLD------"My View" "New Orleans" Now decorating Ginny and Steve DeMarco's home "Scooter"   In Eric Carpenter's Bedroom SOLD-----"Scorching" SOLD - "SICILY" SOLD -"Softness"
"Upclose" in Ila and Shaun Carnes home SOLD- "Watering Can", at the Gallery 7/08 SOLD - "West Martello" to David A. Field  SOLD     "Windblown"to Ila and Shaun Carnes SOLD.........."AIX' SOLD..............."K.W. condo association in key west,
SOLD..............."Overtime" "Browse",Gifted to Alex and Jess,  Watercolor, 16 x 20, double white mat, $175 "Carmel", watercolor, 14 x 18, triple matted-white and magenta, $145 SOLD- "Jungle" - to Paula Phelps SOLD, "Whimsey". to pete and ruth cava "SOLD - "Suzanne's request" to the Fagan's
SOLD - "1800 Bldg.A"  to the Fagan's SOLD - "Am i blue" to Judy Hadley in Key West "Take a piece", watercolor, 14 x20, double matted, $155, antique gold frame $225 SOLD - "Countrytime" to Ginny and Steve DeMarco from Conn. "Montmartre", watercolor, 16 x 20, double white mat,in gold metal frame..$325 SOLD - "Never saw it coming" to Sarah Perry from Chicago
"Affordable", Watercolor, 16 x 20, double white mat, $175 "Just a hint", acrylic and pen, 16 x 20, double white mat $$400 "Imagination", Absconded by Ila Carnes "Gone", watercolor, 16 x 20, gold mat, $165 "Three sails",given to Jess and Russ 7-4-12 SOLD - "Profusion" to Phyllis Morris from Somers pt.,N.J.
Residing at the BARDAVON OPERA HOUSE in Poughkeepsie,NY "Leo Von-Go", for Eric Carpenter's  bedroom "Six thirty p,m.", on Russ F's wall Donated - "Paletted" to Ulster Performing art Center in Kingston,NY "Les's view", 16 x 20, acrylic, double white mat, and framed, &395 SOLD - "Playful" to Gail Grady
"Anzio Beach Locale", watercolor, 18 x24, double mat white, framed, $350 "Hiding", watercolor, 16 x 29, double white mat, $150 "Sam", SOLD to Traci Totino in Key West SOLD - "Marina Time" to Phyllis Morris from Somers Pt, N.J. DONATED "THE FESTIVAL" to a Hospital in Poughkeepsie "Calm", watercolor, 16 x 20, double white mat, $170
SOLD - "All bottled up", to Freddie and Joe Linder, Key West SOLD - "Blue heaven" to Susan and Stan Archer, Va. "Greg",SOLD to Traci Totino in Key West Gifted to Alex and Jess."Maid service", watercolor, 16 x 20, double white mat, $165 "One fine day", watercolor, 12 x 16, double white mat, $125 "Recycled", watercolor, 14 x 18, single blue mat, $125
GIfted to Joan and Dean Heitner "George", watercolor, 14 x18, double white mat, $105 "The struggle", with Rick Hames and Sarah "Fun's over", watercolor, 16 x 20, double white mat, $125 Gifted to Taryn,"Floating along" SOLD - "Gardener's Day Off" to Candida Donofrio, E Northport,NY
"High winds", watercolor, 18 x 24,double mat,white outer,magenta inner, gold frame $325 "Up north', Watercolor, 14 x 18,single white mat, $125 Sold - "Sunday", watercolor,to Carol Nye, Montauk,NY DONATED "Frick and Frack" to HospitAL in Poughkeepsie "Shell', Watercolor, 16 x 20, double mat, white outer, pink inner, $145 SOLD - to Evelyn Spiegler
"Playing", acrylic, watercolor, collage, pen and ink, double mat, white outer, blue inner, light wood frame, $175 SOLD "Scattered" TO Joanne C, in the depot gallery "House of Blue", watercolor, 14 x18, bluish-gray mat, $155 "Lovely Lila", watercolor, 14 x 18, green mat, $165 "Kitchen stuff", watercolor, 14 x 18, lite yellow mat,gold frame, $225 "Jack", watercolor, 16 x 20, double white mat, $175
"SOLD - "My last life" to yolanda and Ira Gordon from  Michigan DONATED "Tropic Cinema" to a Hospitsl in Poughkeepsie Sold   "House in repair" To Judy Hadley, in Key West "A good season" - hanging in the Ulster county performing arts center. "My steps down", in THE COLLECTION of Thoms and Nadia Sunshine. SOLD "ALL in a row", TO Jennifer, Annita's friend
 SOLD "Don't climb", pastel, 12 x 16, double mat, mauve inner, white outer, $145 SOLD "Ashe St" to Susan Brennan, "Workday", GIFTED TO russ and Jessica "Hyde Park", watercolor, 16 x 20, double mat, yellow outer, maroon inner, $155 DONATED "Monteriggioni",to a Hospital in Poughkeepsie "Ashe Street" 2010, Watercolor,14 x 18, double white mat, $165
"Gussie". Watercolor. 12 x 16. double w3hite mat,   $155           Residing in Shafer Carnes in Va,.,  Challenge", watercolor, 14 x18, white mat, Gifted to Steve and Helaine DONATED "Nighttime on ashe",to a Hospital in Poughkeepsie Residing at the BARDAVON OPERA HOUSE in Poughkeepsie, NY "It Comin", acrylic, 18 x 20, double matted in a brown wood frame, $375
SOLD - "Caught" - to Colleen D. Florida SOLD - "My fantasy", to Mrs. Puckey, Sasc.,Canada "Up close 2", watercolor, 16 x 20, double white mat, $170 Sold., "Hoping", watercolor, 16 x 20, in double white mat- $1`75 Gifted,"Joint is jumpin", to Terrylee Brady in Levittown "K's garden", watercolor and ink, now residing in Dr. Asgar Anwar's office, AS 2021
"Mixed emotions", watercolor, 14 x18, single white mat, $95 "Love match", watercolor, 14 x 18. double white mat, $125 "Rock and roll", watercolor, 14 x18, double white mat, $110 SOLD, "Yippee Yi Yupo", to E d Daubel, HUntington, NY "My mocassins", watercolor, 14 x 18. white mat,. $ "Work to be done", watercolor, 12 x 16, double white mat, $110
"Watch out"is now residing in Maegan's..reminds her also of grandpa "November", mixed media, 11 x14, white mat, $75 "Whipping, watercolor on yupo, 12 x 16, double white mat, $75 Latitudes", residing in Cheryl and Mark Long's home in Loveland, Ohio Given to Dr. Mark's office  "Finders Keepers", Gifted,"Drifting along", to Dave and Terry Clark from Canada
"Tumbling down", mixed media. 16 x20. double white mat, $250 Given to Dr. Marks' office  "All alone" ""A relxing place", in the COLLECTTION of Nadia and Tom Sunshine, 11 by 15, Given to Dr. Marks office  "looks familiar, "As i saw it", watercolor,  gifted to Don, the maintenance guy at 1800 "Straight up", waterecolor, gifted to Fran and Dick, 1800 kw.
"Razzle dazzle", watrcolor, 16 x 20, double white mat,  $200 "Karen's  cans", watercolor, 12 x 16, double mat-blue outer, white inner, $110 "Stack 'em up", watercolor, resing in Alex and Jess CARNES HOME SOLD   "Mac", to Jan and Lee Kaufman from Chicago, in Key West SOLD  "Purity" to Ruthie and Cava, Wildwood Crest, NJ SOLD  "Designed' To Renata, in Key West
Given to Dr. Mark's office  "Retired". "Yupo experiment", mixed media and watercolor,14 x 18, $175 "Back, with dinner", mixed media on canvas, 12 x 16, deep rose mat, cherry mahogany frame,$185 "Easing along" mixed media on masonite, 5 1/2 by 11, $75 SOLD ..."Serene Sunset" Sunny in Key West, from Tuscon, Arizona "3 Musketeers", watercolor, 16 x 20, double mat, $155
"With DOUG in Minn,watercolor on yupo, "Queen and her subjects", watercolor, 16 x20, black mat, $175 SOLD   "Flora-scope: to Donna and Robert Veiga, in Key West "Some like it cold". watercolor, 14 x 18, white mat, $125 Donated to Dr. Mark's office-10/14,"Wind picking up" "Turbulence", watercolor, 14 x 18, $95
"To nowhere", Gifted to KAT, (Lapham family), IN KEY WEST SOLD  "You could hear a pin drop","  to Carol Hollingsworth, in Key West SOLD    "Lost control", to Robert and Donna VEIga, from Ft. Wayne, Ind. in Key West SOLD   "Soft,sexy Sue" to Raafi Bell, from Newark, N>J> SOLD "One find day,(a lovely day"), to Mr. and Mrs.Frank Cava, FROM Annapolis,Md, in Key West "Never ends", watercolor. 14 x18,double mat, light blending colors, $185
"Sit and sip".watercolor, 14 x18, double white mat, $175 Given to Dr. MARK'S OFFICE"Easy ridin'". Donated to Dr, Mark's office 10/14, "Slow day in town" "Fuchsia".  Gifted to Ester Falcone in Cherry hill, NJ "A Touch of Italy", watercolor, hanging at the Fioresi's in Montauk  Residing it Doug Carnes home in Minn."Passing thru the villageframe,.
"High risers", acrylic 14 x 18, beige frame, $225 "Rolling along", Acrylic, 8 x 10, in blue painted frame, $150 Living with Nadia,"Daisies amuck" SOLD - "Two sails" - to Jean Caruso, Wantagh, ny "Hanging out", watercolor, 11 x 14, white mat, $110.00 Donated to Dr. Mark's office 10/14, "2 color study"
"Collection 2". residing Westfield, NJ  , At Christine Re's and Peter Singer. Residing at Doug Carne home in Minn. "Three Musketeers". "Related", watercolor, 14 x18, white mat, $165 "Perfect day to do nothing". 16 x20, waterolor, double white mat, $175 "Nice day to be out", watercolor, 14 x18, white mat  $165 SOLD,"Boating thru", watercolor  16 x 20, white double mat, $165
Gifted to Pete and Ruth Cava, Wildwood NJ, "Visiting" SOLD, "Shining thru, watercolor to Mary and Paul Bylhouwer from canada, in key west Gifted to Eve And Dan Flanigan, from NY..."Greek island", Donated to Dr. Mark's office 10/14-"Hither and Yon" "Steady as she goes", watercolor, 12 x 16, whit mat  $125 SOLD.."Run amok" to Richard Lavagna in Key West
"Sunflower, again", watercolor, 16 x 20, double white mat,$150 "Above and Beyond', Watercolor,brush-o pigments,16 x 20, double white mat,$165 "Pieced", 16 x 20, watercolor, double white mat. $150 Living in Stu and Leanne's home in New Hamburg,NY "Self portrait", watercolor, 12 x16, white mat, $100 Gifted to Donna and Bob Veiga, from INDIANA"View from Hogfish", (excuse the initial error of a misspelled name)
SOLD...."Choices", to Jan and Lee Kaufman, in Key West "Windy day at 1800", watercolor, 8 x 8, soon to be matted, $75 "Choices 2", Watercolors, 11 1/2" x 11 3/4",  matted and framed , $150 Residing in Dr. Jeanne Marie Franck's office., THE wine Garden "Paper pieces", watercolor,10 1/4" x 14",light violet mat, $ 100 "Graped",9 1/2" x 10",watercolor, brush-o  pigments,  deep mauve mat, $75
"Tall and tasty",10 1/2" x 11" watercolor and brush o pigments,ultramarine color mat,$75 "Facing southeast from my chair", watercolor, 7 1/2 x 11, $85 SOLD    "Under the sun",to Kelley Wardzala from Michigan "Babies", watercolor,10" x 10 1/4",white mat, $75 "Beach wear and tear", m.m., 12 x 16, white mat, distressed frame, $200   Gifted to Carla-"Rainy day daisies", to reside in Pompano Beach
"Tight Quarters", watercolor on yupo paper, 14 x 18, white mat, $165 "The Village", brush-o pigments watercolor, 12 x 16, double white mat, $165 "On tip toe", watercolor, 12 x 16, double white mat,$150 Gifted - "Much ado about something", to Tatiana and Gary Fleishman "Bloomin wild". 14 x 18. watercolor, white mat, $155 "Fusion", 16 x 20, watercolors, white mat, $135
"Taking a break", watercolor, 14 x 18,red mat, $145 SOLD -  Fresh from the fruit stand", to Liz Angeli from Ft. Lee., N.J. "Flower brush-o", watercolor pigments, 12 x 16 white mat, residing at Sue ad Bill Zeiche's home in Hartland, Wisc.F Residing in Minneapolis at Doug Carnes home"Simply stated", "Landscaper needed", residing in the home Abigail Kaufman "These boots are made for flowers", Watercolor, 6" by 8", no mat, $45
Went to Pete and Bev Rue in key west,  MR. HIM Gifted"In a dither", Watercolor, to Terry and Dave Clarke "Peter's boat #2", watercolor, 8 x 10, white mat, $55 Gifted "Little boy at palm tree", to Carol Hollingsworth "Droopy Day", Residing in Paul Kaufman's  home in Mundeline, Ill. "Orchids at 1800", watercolor, 12 x 16, matted in pink frame, $200
" JN'S PIC"- given to- CHRISTINE RE, from Westfield NJ "D and T's", watrcolor, 16 x 20, double whit mat,  $200 "Can do", gifted to Donna and Bob Veiga (turn right to see) Looking out #1, gifted to Julie and Tony Capetola "Looking out # 2, gifted to Stephen Romandetti, (turn to observe) "Abstracted at pool, gifted to Dan and Eve Flanigan
From all ends", Watercolor, 14x 18, white mat, $110 "Somewhere", watercolor on yupo, 14 x 18, purple mat,  $95 "My bouquet", residing at Maegan Sunsines home SOLD    "Soon", to Andrea, from the LUNCH SOLD, "Feeding time", watercolor, to Don and Teri, from North Dakota, now living in Key West Gifted to Mona Galka  "mixed media on yupo",
"Relaxing time", Watercolor, 14 x 18, white mat, $165 "Created for Jess and Alex" , va. oct 2016 "Quebec no. 2, watercolor, 2nd commission by mr. and mrs. carnes "Quebec", # 1, commissioned by Leanne and Stu Carnes, Hamburg, NY "Kaboom". (turn to right), brush-o watercolor pigments, 12 x16, white mat, silver frame, $200.00 SOLD TO    Denise Lennington, from Franklin, Tenn."Your boat or mine"
"Which way is up", watercolor on yupo, 16 x 20, white mat, black frame, $250 "Living together", watercolor, 8 x 10, white mat,black frame, $ 135 "Central park", watercolor, 8 x 10, white mat, Brown frame,$145 "Floating", watercolor, 8 x 10, white mat, $70  SOLD"Made in the wind,"  to Maria Ramis, from southampton "Approach carefully", mixed media, 12 x 16, white mat, black frame, $200
"Hideaway", watercolor, 12 x 16, white mat, brown frame, $200 "What", waterolor, 8 x 10, white mat, black frame, $85 "Mellow", watercolor, went to LISA, from Brooklyn, MAEGAN'S BFF "Doolin,Ireland', Watercolor, commission # 2 for Alex and Jessica Carnes "Ireland, August 2016", watercolor, commission # 1 for Jessica and Alex Carnes SOLD     "Wind pickin' up"   to Mr, and Mrs, Barry Sanguardo from Westbury
"Feelings", 16 x 20, watercolor, white mat with 1/4" black border, $165 "Quiet cove", for Doug and Taryn's collection in letterkenny,ireland "Visiting", watercolr, 12 x 16, whote mat, $135 "Waiting", watercolor, 11 x 15, white mat, $120 "6P's", warercolor, 14 x 18, beige and white mat, $140 "In a down mood-choices", mixed media, 8 x 10, white mat, brown frame, $150
"Gone swimmin'", watercolor, 14 x 18, on black board, $175 "Starting up", mixed media, 14 x 18, white mat, $ 175 "Whirling", acrylic, 18 x 24, unframed, $350 "Friends", gifted to Magda, on 8/7/18 "Visiting", watercolor, residing in Galina Moschetto's home in Poughkeepsie, NY "Facing South', Watercolor 10 X 10, off whote mat, $65
"Whose window?", mixed media, 12 x 16, residing at Mother Theresa and Dennis the menace's home. "Bet's Nebraska", residing at Bet's and Larry Frederick' home "Mingled". watercolor, 8 x 10, white mat, 1"brown frame, $125.00 "Ms Sunny', watercolor, enjoying it's home at Ila and Shaun Carnes' "Over the wall", watercolor, 11 x11, white mat  $125 "Sailed in one day". watercolor, 12 x 16, white mat,  $150
"Brush-o landscape", watercolor pigments, 11 x 14, white mat, $120 "2 hours at the pool", watercolor, 12 x 16, white mat,   $120 "Bonding", acrylic, 12 x 16, white mat, black i" frame     $230 "Brush-o watercolor floral, 12 x 16, white mat, black 1' frame, $ 145 "Playing poppies", watercolor, double white mat, black 1"frame,  $175 "Passing thru", 9" x 9". atop a 12.50" by 12'50" black mat, watercolors, $110
Order of the day, watercolor, 6 x  8, "Solitude", watercolor, 6'X 8",  $75 " My abstract", brush-o watercolor, 6 x 8 inches, unmatted   $65 "Oppressive heat, affected brain", mixed media, 9" x 12", $85 "Anger on the Water", acrylic inks and paints, 10 x 14, $120
"Underneath", mixed media,acrylic poring on canvas, 11 x14- $ 100 "The Storm", mixed media acrylic pouring on gessoed matboard, 7 x 10 3/4..& 65 residing at Helanie and Steve Sunshine    "Bottled up", watercolr "Starting", (third try on used canvas), acrylic pouring, 8 x 10, $85 "Still trying", second attempt, acrylic poured, 8 x 10", $ 120 "brush-o green landscape", living with Taryn in Minn.  8 x 10
Mixed media floral", living with Taryn in Minn., keeping brush-o company..... Ila's choice  pouring  9/19 "Mythical island", acrylic abstract, 12 x 16, off white mat, $105 "Fantasy in  flight",acrylic abstract, 11 x 14, $ 90 "Coming up",acrylic pouring,in TOM AND NADIA'S SUNSHINES COLLECTION
"See's all", acrylic pouring, 8 x 8 canvas panel, white frame,$85, standing or hanging "Flying around", in the office at UPAC "Engaged", acrylic pouring,in the collection of tom and nadi nadia sunshine "Gathering", acrylic pouring,  8 x 8 canvas panel, off while textured frame $90, standing or hanging "Any way you view it", acrylic pouring, 11 x 14, distressed white frame, $150 "Bev's" floral boquet - for her 88th., painted for her 2/19/20
"Clucking Away", watercolor, 8 x 8, white frame, $80,standing or hanging "Happy Times, acrylic pour, IN THE COLLECTION OF TOM AND NADIA SUNSHINE "Fiery", 12 x 16,acrylic pour, white mat,$115 "Caught in the whirl", acrylic,  9 x 12, $ 125 "The Meeting", watercolor, white mat wiith black lining, 11x 14, $150 Key West moment', watercolor, 11 x 14, atop black matboard, $100
"SPANISH RESTAURANT"  Gifted to jorge borja in monatuk 3/18/21 "my thre3 6 x 8's ,fisherman,island, and floral,,all watercolor, Experiment # 1, flowing loose w/c   residing at ila's Experiment # 2 flowing aand loose w/c, residing at ila's My Beach, heading down, circa 2012, mixed media, IN TOM AND NADIA SUNSHINES COLLECTION "No one cares', Watercolor, 12 x 16, black mat, $150
"Monmrtre, revmped", watercolor, 16 x 20, white double mat and gold frame, $250 'GALWAY,my way"  11 x 14, watercolor, commissioned by taryn and carnes.. "Minnesota"-park sculpture- 11 x 14, watercolor. commissioned by Taryn and Doug carnes, $250 "Key West entrnce", watercolor. 14 x 18. white mat, $175 "Hanging by a thread", SOLD TO 1800 Condo Ass'n in 2002. "killing the canvas", acrylic, 8 x 8, unframed, $125  (can be turned anyway)
"My people", aa jaleh, acrlic, 8 x 10, thin black frame, $125 "Doolin,Ireland", watercolor, 6 x 8 "Italy", watercolor, 16 x 20,,,was Tatianas chice on 11/11/22 in her home "Doolin and Letterkenny, Iireland, aug 22 " made for Ila and Shaun